Movito is a movie collection organizer for files, Blu-rays and DVDs. It supports movies and TV-series. It automatically fetches information about your movies from the web. It comes along with a slick collection browser to explore and filter your movie collection.

Movito is easy and fun to use.

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Reclaim your collection

Movito is made to structure large movie collections. It's using intelligent pattern matching techniques and a dozen web-services to map files to movies and TV-series.

Explore your movies

Browse and filter by cast, crew, rating, release year, genre, awards, description, character names or even age rating. Categorize and sort your movies, create custom tags, and enjoy your collection through Movito's stunning interface.

Powerful search

Search-as-you-type combined with intelligent search suggestions allow you to find great movies in just a snap.

Share and Compare

Share your movies with friends and stay in sync with what's new in their collections. Compare your movies against other collections to find weak spots in your collection. Export movie selections to USB drives.

Intelligent Movie File Handling

Movito will analyze, structure and match your movie files automatically.

Dynamic Tag Clouds

Interactive tag-clouds for all important movie attributes help to grasp what's in your collection.

Blu-rays and DVDs

With Movito you can manage all your disc and file movies using a unified interface.

Movie Renaming

Movito can clean up your file-names by renaming movies according to choosable renaming patterns.

Duplicate Detection

Cleanup your collection by removing movie duplicates. Or just hide them with a single click.

Filters & Categories

Movito allows for intuitive filtering and categorization to track down movies of interest in your collection.

Export movies to USB-Drive

You can easily export a subset of your collection to a another folder or USB-drive, no matter how scattered it is across your harddisk(s).

Movie List Imports

Just drag IMDB or TMDb lists into Movito to create web-collections.

TMDb synchronisation

Synchronize ratings and tags with the TMDB movie database

HTML Export

Export your collection as a single-page HTML file for easy sharing with friends.

Media Codec Awareness

Movito will extract all relevant codec information from your media files.

Awards Integration

Automatic annotation of movies with important awards (Oscars, Golden Globes, Sundance

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