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Movito can be tested for one week using a free evaluation license. If you like it, you then need to purchase a full license, or it will switch to a limited mode in which no new movies can be added.

License Comparison Matrix

Most features of Movito are accessible in both editions of Movito. However, there are a few important differences which are listed in the table below.
Limited Mode Movito Pro
Automatic Collection Monitoring Only during evaluation period Yes
Adding new movies Only during evaluation period Yes
Batch Renaming No Yes
Good feeling of having supported a developer and his family No Yes!
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9.95 €

You'll receive the activation key via email as soon as we get the PayPal confirmation concerning your payment. Usually this only takes a few seconds.

An activation key can be used three times to activate Movito, no matter if it's the same computer, or you share the license with a friend.

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If you have questions concerning the payment procedure, please contact us via email.