Getting Started

Welcome to Movito! It will help you manage and play very large movie collections, consisting of a variety movie formats and types. Movito can be downloaded and evaluated for free.

Basic concept

Movito is a movie organizer for files, Blu-rays and DVDs. It fetches information about all your movies from TMDB or TVDB and provides a variety of tools to restructure, rename and cleanup your collection. All you have to do to is to point it to your movie file directories and to tell which DVDs BlueRays you have in your home theater shelf.

Movito Overview

Movito allows you to manage your movies in collections. These can be local media collections, lists with movies of interest for you, external lists from web or shared friend collections.

Movito supports different 4 different collection types

  • File Media Collections contains the movies you have at home. They can contain file movies on your computer and/or Disc Movies in your living room shelf.
  • Movie Lists don't allow for duplicates and don't have any media properties. They are especially useful for sharing or as watchlists (i.e. to track movies of interest).
  • Web Lists are lists that movito gets from the internet. At the moment we support just Tmdb movie lists and Imdb movie Lists
  • Shared friend collections are collections that a friend shared with you.
The Library View is listing all your collections

Whereas disc movies need to be added manually, Movito is designed to index and sort you media files in a fully automatic way. All you need to do is to tell it which directories you consider to be part of your collection


Just download an installation. Movito requires Java version 7 or later, so if you haven't installed Java yet, please do so before installing Movito.


Movito can be tested without having a license key. Testing is limited to a set of example collections and to collections shared by your friends. To add your own collection to Movito, you need to obtain a license.

We provide two types of licenses, the Movito Evaluation License for evaluation and the Movito Pro License for unlimited use of Movito.

1. Movito Evaluation License

This license allows to evaluate Movito and all its features for 7 days. It be can be easily obtained for free from within Movito. All you need to do is to enter your email address in the activation dialog as shown in the screenshot. Once requested, you should obtain an email with the activation code within seconds.

The activation form of Movito

2. Movito Pro License

Allows for an unlimited use of Movito and all its features. It also includes lifetime support for all future versions of Movito. Pro Licenses can be purchased online where you also find details concerning the payment and purchase process.

Navigating your collection

In it's heart Movito is a viewer for your movie collection. Thus, we spent a great deal of time on creating a smooth and intuitive interface to filter, categorize and arrange your movies.

When opening a movie collection, the Collection View presents shelf-like view of all your movies. Here you can easily find movies of interest by filtering and categorizing your movies. By selecting a movie you'll see some basic information about it. By double-clicking a movie you can change into the Details View.

To guide filtering and to expose the statistics of your collection, Movito provides powerful interactive tag clouds for a wide variety of movie attributes. This allows to explore your collection in a visual and intuitive manner.

The collection view

Sorting and Category Views

You can choose a category attribute in the control bar to create sub-shelfs in the collection view.

Easily sort and split your collection by a wide range of possible attributes

You can choose a sorting attribute in the control bar to sort the movies in your current filter set.

You can search movies by name, description, cast, crew, character names and alternative movie titles. Search will be performed as you type and is provide search suggestions.


Movito allows to filter your collection by a great variety of possible aspects: name, quality, release year, your rating, community rating, genre, cast and some more. It comes along with a powerful but intuitive tag system to annotate your collection.

By clicking on tags you can filter your selection. The tag clouds will instantaneously update to the new selection. This allows to define custom movie sets visually within seconds.

You can use the free text search (which will search in the movie title, cast, summary and media-file names). You can also filter your collection by clicking on tags in movito. When using the tag-clouds you can also adjust the filter-operation using a filter modifier

Sticky filters

Every filtered can be toggled to be sticky by using the Make Sticky action from its context menu. Just click the pin icon to remove the stickyness. Sticky filters are not removed when resetting the view (e.g. by pressing ESC or by clicking Clear Filters in the filter bar). Think of them as a filter context. E.g. if you want to see an action movie, you could define the "Action" genre as sticky filter, to then pin down a particular action to be watched.

Sticky filter allow to define a filter context when browsing your collection

Hide unmatched movies

This filter can be enabled in the View menu. It will hide all movies to which no external movie ID was not yet assigned. Without an external movie ID no additional movie info like covers, genres, cast, etc. can be added

Tag Clouds

Movito dynamically generates tag-clouds from for the current movie selection (or the complete collection if no movie is selected). This works for movie genre, release year, cast, quality, language, rating and location. By clicking on tags of interest, you can easily filter your collection. Movito will update the tag-cloud immediately to reflect the frequency distribution of tags in the filtered collection. Tag clouds are available for genre, sound and video codec properties, release year, cast, quality, location and custom tags.

Tag clouds are Movito's preferred way to indicate tag frequencies and to filter a collection.

To further improve filtering via tag clouds we’ve added type specific filter condition. For instance the release year can be matched exactly or via the modes “Since” (which includes all movies since the 1st of January of the given year) or “Before” (which contains all movies released before this year).

Saved Views

You can save the current view configuration by clicking on "save view" in the View menu. You can restore a saved view configuration by clicking on its name in the View menu. Saved view configurations include the zoom level, sorting, categorization and filters.

Movie Details View

The details view shows you all important movie details including facts about the movie itself, like plot overview, cast, release year or genres. Additionally, Movito shows you details about your copy of the movie. For a file movie this will be the media-file (or files in case of multipart movies), some details about the video resolution and available sound tracks. For BlueRays and DVDs this will include the type of disc and it's location in your apartment.

You can easily navigate through your movies using left/right keys, you have access to context actions to play the movie, to go to the movie's website at TMDB or IMDB . You can also modify the tags assigned to the movie.

The movie details view

Collection Library

After you've explored your movie collection, you might wonder how it compares to other movie lists or collections. Movito has been designed to streamline this process as much possible.

Creating a new collection

To create a new collection just click the corresponding button in the library view.

Just click to create a new collection.

To create a collection from a URL, just drag the URL into Movito.

Adding movies to collections

In addition to media-files on your computer, Movito can also help you to manage your physical movie collection. Just type some bits of a DVD or Blue-ray you would like to add, choose the type of disc and hit "Add".


Movito allows you tag Movie Lists that contains movies you would like to watch later as watchlists. Once being tagged as such, Movito will scan File Media Collections and shared friend collectoins if they contain movies from you watchlist. In such a case Movito will show a notification, that allows to remove these movies from the watchlist easily.

Using watchlists you can easily keep track of movies that you're interested in.

Collection settings

Each collection in the Movito's library view can be configured and administered from the library view.

List configuration context menu

Compare collections

Different collections/lists can be compared in Movito using the flexible Intersection Filter. The filter has a variety of different modes
  • Show movies of Collection A only
  • Show movies of Collection B only
  • Show movies which are present just in A
  • Show movies which are present just in B
  • Show movies which exclusively present in A
  • Show movies which exclusively present in B
  • Show movies which exclusively present in B or A (aka xor)
  • Show movies which present in B and A
Collection comparison using the Intersection Filter

The intersection filter allows to figure out easily which movies are present in one collection but not in another.

File Media Collections

Movito can help organizing your Blue-ray and DVDs, or manage lists of movies you're interested in. However, it's true strength is to organize movie file collections.

Creating media collections

To add new create a media collection from a directory to Movito, just click "Add Movie Directory..." in the "Collection" menu, and navigate to the directory where you keep your movie files.

Once Movito has scanned your hard-disks, it will parse your files into movies. It's using advanced pattern matching techniques to infer movie and series names, as well as season and episode numbers. Movito supports directory movies, multipart movies, knows about common torrent naming schemes and can work with any file-format.

When adding a new media collection to Movito the following working stages are performed:

  1. Collecting all media files and calculating a checksum for each of them
  2. Organizing media files into movie objects
  3. Extracting codec properties
Depending on where your collection is stored (local disk, NAS) the most time-consuming step if usually to extract media codec. However, Movito will do this incrementally while you can already start to browse your collection.

Movito differs from other movie organizers by emphasizing on a neat UI and powerful heuristics to match file-names to actual movie titles. E.g. most organizer will struggle with names like

  • The.Hero.From.The.Moon.S02E09?.720p.HDTV.x264-IMMERSE.mkv
  • dfd-love.story-720p.avi

Movito supports many different file types like avi, mpg, mp4, mkv, iso and many more. It even allows for arbitrary file-types to registered as movie-types.

Movito will match your files with movies by name where possible. When in doubt, it'll use a community-driven hash database to figure what movie is contained in a file.

Automatic Movie Matching

Given a media file, Movito aims to match it to a movie in TMDB. First Movito tries to find the movie by extracting the movie name from the file name. However this will not work in all situations. Second, it will try to use a checksum of the first 5kb of the media-file to look up the movie’s TMDB-id in the Movito hash database.

If both automatic attempts fail, the user has the possibility to match a movie manually. Try to find the movie manually by searching for some elements of its title. Once you’ve found the movie double-click it in the table to match it with the file. If you can not find it, press skip to continue with the next yet unmatched movie.

Manual Movie Matching

You can match movies manually if automatic matching fails. You can also rematch files if the annotation is not correct

Movito is able to match most media files to movies automatically. If the automatic matching IS not possible, you can match media files to movies by:

  1. Inferring the actual title of a movie from the media details,
  2. Searching and selecting the movie by its title in the movie database (lower panel)
  3. Confirming the movie assignment

Manual matching of media files to movies

Movie Matching Database

As some movies are unmappable via name because they have obscure filenames, Movito implements another way to annotate them. Whenever a user apply a movie manually, Movito submits the movie hash and the associated movie-id to a database maintained by the Movito team. No user information is included nor do submit any kind of system id (like Google Chrome does for instance).

We’re aware that some users might not like this feature because of privacy reasons. That’s why Movito will ask the user while starting up the first time, if she want’s to benefit from the feature or if she prefer to keep unlimited privacy. In the latter case, Movito will neither submit data nor use the Movito-hash-db for mapping movies, which will result in a lower proportion of unannotated movies.

The hash dataase interface has been designed to be anonymous: just the checksum of a media-file along with your assigned movie-ID along with random session token and the date of submission will be saved.

Movito provides a convenient tool to guide you through all unmatched movies. This makes it just snap to complete the annotation of your collection. Your decisions about which file is what movie, will be used to complete the Movito Hash Database, so that other Movito users won't have to match those files manually again and again.

Duplicate Detection and Cleanup

Many collections have grown over the years, and contain some movies more than once. Movito can detect and cleanup duplicates of the same movie in your collection. As it is aware of the movie qualities in your collection, you can also clean up your collection automatically to just keep the instance of each movie with the highest quality.

To remove duplicates from your collection click on "Cleanup Duplicates" in the "Tools" menu. Double click the movies you consider to be the duplicates to be hidden/removed from you collection. To speed up this process Movito can gueess the duplicates automatically using movie some simple size and type rules.

Once you're done selecting the duplicates, you can then choose from the following actions to process your selection:

  • Create a tag for the duplicates. You can use this tag later to hide or select them using a tag tag filter
  • Move to another folder. Use this option to separate the duplicates media files in a choosable target directory. You can delete them later.
  • Delete the duplicates. This is a non-reversible operation and should be done carefully.
  • Hide them in Movito. Movito will permanently hide them but will leave your hard-disk untouched.
Duplicate Tagging and Processing

Sharing, Exporting, Syncing

Movito is not a file sharing application. However, it still provides means to expose your collection to friends and other cineastes.

Collection Sharing

With Movito you can share selected collections with your friends. Sharing includes media properties and types, but Movito does not allow to download movies from shared collections.

Exporting movie selections

Just assume a friend is at your place, he filtered your collection and now looking at you his USB harddrive in his hand with big expecting eyes. That's when you can use the "Export movie selection" function which you can find in the tools menu.

Movito is using an intelligent copy-queue to copy a movie selection to a friend's drive or USB-stick: You can even add other movies to the end of the queue after you've started the copying process. This will dramatically improve transfer speed as movies are copied sequentially and not in parallel.

Html Export

If you want to make your collection accessible online, you can simply export with movito as a single bit html page. The HTML Exporter even takes sorting and the current filter configuration into account when creating the html report of you collection.
Html Export

Tag synchronization

Movito can export selected tags as lists on TMDb.

Rating synchronization

Movito will use your ratings (just click the stars!) for all instances of the movie across all your collection. Ratings can also be synchronized with your TMDb account. This behavior can be configured in the preferences.

When you rate movie, it will be automatically tagged as Watched.

Reference information

This section is for the techies among the cineastes. It gives detailed information about to use Movito with just the keyboard and details out possible customizations.

Setting explained

Collection Preferences

Here can you configure the directories in which you keep your movie files. Movito will scan these directories for changes (new, moved or deleted media-files) on every startup

You can also configure which file-formats Movito will consider as movie files. Please note, that not all formats can be opened by Movito to extract video and sound codec information

User Preferences

Preferred LanguageThe selected langauge will affect how Movito downloads Movito information (like movie names, summaries, genre names. If the interface of Movito has been localized to the selected language, it will use the language for the interface after Movito has been restarted

Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts

Movie List View

Shortcut Function
Ctrl-Q Quit Movito

Shelf Browser

Shortcut Function
Ctrl-F Find Movies
Ctrl-A Select all movies in shelf
Esc Clear Selection → Clear Filters → Remove subshelf mode → (2x) Exit Shelf Browser
Ctrl +/- Zoom in/out
Ctrl-[, Ctrl-] Navigate forward/backward
Ctrl-Enter Play selected movie
Ctrl-Shift-F Open full movie details view
Ctrl-I Go to IMDb for all selected movies
Ctrl-T Go to TMDb for all selected movies
Ctrl +/- Zoom in/out
Delete Triggers delete action for current movie selection.

User Data Backup

When updating Movito to a more recent version, it will automatically create a backup of your current Movito data.

We try hard to make sure that updates work smoothly. However, if you've afraid of loosing any information when installing an update, you can create a backup of your Movito user data using the Backup Local Movie Database action from the Manager→Advanced menu. All data (ratings, collections, shares) will be bundled into a .mob file, which you can restore on the same machine but also on a different (e.g. new) computer by just dragging the file into Movito

Annotation Sources

Various sources are accessed by Movito to download movie annotation data. These include TMDB. TVDB, Rotten Tomatoes, OMDb-API. You can not edit movie information in Movito itself, but you can complement missing bits at TMDB directly and refresh Movito afterwards.

Movito is using an advanced caching system to pull and integrate annotation from these different sources. To enforce Movito to refresh the annotation for a particular movie (e.g. after modifications via TMDb's web interface), select it in the movie shelf browser and open the context menu while keeping the ALT key pressed. Then select the action Refresh movie information.


Automatic Tagging

Movito will automatically tag movies using video and audio codec properties, extracted tags from the file-name and using all the information fetched from TMDB/TVDB.

Media File Property Extraction

Movito integrates Xuggler to extract video and audio codec information from your media files.