Movito is a movie collection manager for files, BlueRays and DVDs. It supports movies and TV-series. It automatically fetches information about your movies from the web. It comes along with a slick collection browser to explore and filter your movie collection.

Movito is easy and fun to use.

Other Systems

Dynamic Tag Clouds

Interactive tag-clouds for various movie attributes (like genre, year, location, quality, and some more) help to grasp what's in your collection.

Filters & Categories

Movito allows for intuitive filtering and categorization to track down movies of interest in your collection.

Friend Mode

You can easily export a subset of your collection to a another folder or USB-drive, no matter how scattered it is across your harddisk(s).

Duplicate Detection

Cleanup your collection by removing movie duplicates. Movito simplifies this process as it is fully quality-aware and suggests to keep just the best copy of each movie.

Match against Top-Lists

To point out weak spots in your collection, Movito can match it against various top-lists like top action, love or sci-fi movies.

BlueRays and DVDs

With Movito you can manage all your disc and file movies using a unified interface.

Intelligent Movie File Handling

Movito can analyze, structure and match your movie files automatically. To associate files with movies it's using advanced pattern matching schemes and a community-driven movie-hash database.

Movie File Renaming

Movito can clean up your file-names by renaming movies according to chooseable renaming patterns.

Stunning Visuals

Movito shows you everything you want to know about a movie in a visually appealing fully interactive mode.