What's New?

Every new release of Movito adds enhancements to the user interface, comes along with an even better movie annotation system and new tools to share and compare your movie collection, and improves performance and stability. Here is the list of the most important features that have been recently added or improved.

If you think that some features are missing in Movito, feel welcome to tell us!

Movito v3.2

  • New collection interface

  • Different themes including a new default theme "Walnut"
  • Histogram filters for release year and rating
  • Improved sharing (web-preview, qr-code support, synchronized self-sharing of movie lists)
  • Synchronize tags across collections (like "Watched")
Other new features:
  • TMDb watchlist and favorites integration
  • Custom movie covers and artwork (simply via drag'n'drop)
  • Play movie trailers directly within Movito (Java8 only)
  • Golden Globes Integration (all categories)
  • Support for 3D and 4K movies

Movito v3.1

  • Share your collection with friends

  • Renewed movie selection export dialog with customizable renaming for movies and TV episodes

  • New interface to define links between media files and TV episodes

    Create New Root In Package

  • RottenTomatoes ratings and links

  • Wishlist management and tracking
Other new features:
  • Extended keybindings to allow for mouse-free use
  • Invertible filters in shelf-view
  • Improved subtitle and audio-stream detection
  • New indicators to indicate collection refreshing state
  • More robust and speedy IMDB Lists imports
  • Improved Drag'n'Drop support for URLs
  • Faster media collection indexing
  • Support for AVCHD and BDMV rips
  • Enhanced episode file detection
  • Simplified deletion of tags

Movito v3.0

New Features include:
  • New library view

  • New interface to add and match movies

  • Search suggestions

  • Movie Awards integration
  • TMDb Tv-Series support
  • IMDb and Metacritic Ratings
  • Similar movies sidebar
  • More scalable shelf view (10k+ movies)

Movito v2.0

New Features include:
  • Beautified UI & More interactive filters

  • Combine filters with OR

  • Drag'n'Drop directories into Movito

  • Filter collection by location tags

  • Simplified series matching

  • Much better performance for large collections

Movito v1.2

  • Automatic Proxy Detection
  • Better support for external hard-drives and NAS
  • Many bug fixes and performance enhancements

Movito v1.1

New Features include:
  • DiffMode: Meet with friends and compare your movie collections using Movito

  • (Optionally) Clean up movie file names while exporting movies to external harddisk

  • More options to filter movies by rating

  • Configurable search engines
  • Many bug fixes and performance enhancements
Feel welcome to suggest new features and to report bugs in the Movito Support Forum

Movito v1.0

Initial Release.